Кадровое агентство AdvanHawk - подбор персонала, кадровое агентство Волгоград, Москва, Ростов
Подбор персонала, кадровое агентство Волгоград, Москва, Ростов
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    AdvanHawk - Recruiting Agency

    It is our Clients' opinion that we are experts in staff recruitment, teams and workgroups building. Consulting is a daily constituent of our business.

    Since 2004 the Company has determined the following strategic aims:

  • To carry on projects where a specialist's annual salary exceeds $100 000.
  • To extend actively into regions to cover the whole country.
  • At present the Company has successfully completed projects in 25 regions and is working on current openings vaued at more than $200 000 in various industries. Our consultants have additionally completed several projects for employers in the USA (covering NY, NJ, CT, TX, CA).

    Being integrated into our work technique, the Company's innovation tutorial and development system enables keeping high pace of development and standards.

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